Cycloidal Drive


Cycloid gears are eccentric gears in which one gear rotates inside another gear ring. In this way, axial movements can be converted into rotational movements without lateral forces on the piston rod and without using a connecting rod.

The even load distribution within the gear unit, the high shock absorption and the contact between the cycloid disc and the housing via rollers and ball bearings ensure low-wear operation. This extends the service life compared to other types of gears, the backlash is lower and the rigidity is higher.


Cycloidal drives can start with zero backlash and high torque capacity while compact in size, unlike Involute gearboxes. They are useful in situations where low speed with high torque capacity is needed. Cycloidal drives may be designed with significantly higher contact areas for their size than any gear-based transmission such as epicyclic gears, applying force through many of the 'teeth' at once, allowing very high torque output for the size of the drive at the cost of utilising sliding contact.


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