Comparison: New Stirlingmotor Technology vs. Combustion Engine


The following comparison is based on a extremely conservative calculation of an New Stirling Motor compared to a Ship Drive as published in advertisement of an well-known supplier.

Type   New Stirlingmotor
Combustion Engine
(Two-stroke diesel ship drive)
Number of pistons 8+8 16
Piston diameter m 0.35 0.38
Stroke length m 0.438 0.475
Revolutions rpm 600 600
Rated power kW 12580 12150
Compresion ratio   27 apr. 20 ...22
average piston speed m/s 8.75 9.5
Carnot-efficiency % 0.67  
Total efficiency   apr. 0.56 ... 0.58 <= 0.5
Length crankshaft m apr. 9.45 apr. 8.5
Width Machine m
Fuel consumption l/kWh apr. 1.5
Machine complexity   simple complex
Fuel preparation   simple complex
Fuel injection   simple complex
Air supply system   simple complex
Lubrication system   simple complex
Exhaust gas treatment     complex
Cooling water system   simple complex
Air Cooler     x
Burner   x  
He-Handling   x  
Regenerator + Heater   x  
Valves+Camshaft     x
Heat pipes   x  

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